The outline of features consist in Effrosafe Alarm.

High Quality

The Micro Controller Based Burglar Alarm has been manufactured, so innovatively that it exhibits quality in appeal, design & Performance.

More Safety

Unlike Conventional Alarms, it is designed to deliver better safety to you.

Tension Free

As long as this device is installed at your place, home or office, you can be free of tension or worry all the time 24/7.

Zone Type

This device allows you to separate your place into zone, so that you get information of which part of your place the alarm is triggered from.

Instant Alert

Now you don’t need to depend on SIM cards (GSM) for making an alert you through your mobile. You will be given an alert in respective of wherever you are through GPS Technology.

Long Life

We Provide a Warranty of 2 years added to that its Manufactured so that it can give better Durability Longer Life.

Dual Mode

This Device Works in dual mode both in battery and AC Power. In built of 7AH Battery can provide a standby time of one full day (24 Hours).

RF Wireless

Since its Wireless frequency is High.it can add more number of wireless sensor.it can cover more area ranging up to maximum radius.

Future upgrade

With Quality, the Product is also Manufactures with upgradability in mind. You can upgrade to any model. You can even add more zones to the device .

Clear Vision

The Usage of the device gives you a clear picture that you use the best unit kind!

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